April Art Calendar Filled In

Whoosh! Another month gone forever! All that’s left is this filled in art calendar.

April Art Cal Filled In

My squares this month are pretty colorful, and go with the busy colorful background I made. Having all white squares was pretty interesting. They really made the colors from the colored pencils and pens I use pop out. I even had a guest artist fill in one of the squares for me. I’ll let you figure out which one it is!

Here are a few close up pictures:

April Art Cal Filled In Close Up 1

April Art Cal Filled In Close Up 2

I am on time for my May calendar this month! Yay! I will have that posted tomorrow along with a tutorial on how to do a quick and dirty art calender page layout.


  1. Marrianna says:

    I really like your April calendar pages. They look like you had a fun time creating them and the white space makes each square really pop. Great artwork.

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